Pacific Rim: Uprising Doesn’t Capture the Old Magic

Hello all and welcome to the second week in a row of movie reviews! Today we’re going to look at the sequel to Guillermo del Toro’s tribute to mecha anime, Pacific Rim: Uprising. The first film teased a sequel in its final act, when the main character of that film almost ended up getting trapped in the monstrous Kaiju’s home dimension. Does Uprising clear the inevitable sequel bar? Read on and find out with me.

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A New Generation, a New Tomb Raider

Here we go again! In the latest iteration of the archaeology-action romp, Alicia Vikander steps into the role of Lara Croft, on her first expedition much like in the 2013 reboot of the game series. Much like that game, Lara is on a journey to Yamatai, a fictional island in Japan, where the formidable Queen of Yamatai, Himiko, is said to have reigned supreme in ages past. There’s a storm on the way there, the ship wrecks, Lara gets captured and has to escape using her survival skills, you get the idea.

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Altered Carbon and Electric Dreams: Cyberpunk Revival?

Elements of the dystopian sci-fi subgenre have bled into pop culture throughout the last decade, but the return of mainstream cyberpunk is now beyond a doubt. Question is, do they get it right?

Yes, that’s right, cyberpunk.

Canadian sci-fi/fantasy author Crawford Kilian described cyberpunk as a subgenre about a future in which capitalism is “triumphant but not necessarily benevolent.” Typically, the cyberpunk setting often involves towering super-cities, morally grey characters and anti-heroes, and sometimes no discernible morality at all. Mega-corporations may function as authoritarian governments, serving as a background Aesop regarding modern consumerism. And of course, it wouldn’t be cyberpunk without humans implanting or plugging electronic things into their bodies, or at its most innocuous, street urchins capable of effortlessly hacking together machines that present-day engineers can only dream of (although that is less the case now than it was during the genre’s genesis in the 1980s). Hey, sounds quite a bit like our own foreseeable future, doesn’t it? Almost like the genre is meant to serve as a warning for where we might be headed or something.

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Nature Rejoices When The Biscuit Merchant Cometh

Welcome back, everyone. I didn’t want to do two music posts in a row because I didn’t want you to think that’s the only topic I’ll be covering here, but I have gotten my hands on a new album a couple weeks before release, and I wanted to share my thoughts with you about it. Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to introduce Nature Rejoices by The Biscuit Merchant:

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