The Secretly Charming Master Teaser Takagi-san

Say, there sure have been a lot of reviews lately! In keeping with this pattern, today I wanted to discuss an anime series that kind of took me by surprise. As a matter of fact, I almost skipped it entirely.

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What’s Up with The Orville?

Critics may have misread the sci-fi comedy series, missing the underlying tribute to Gene Roddenberry’s original vision.

First we had two weeks devoted to music, and now two weeks I’ve covered sci-fi TV shows. It’s a coincidence, I promise. Anyway,┬áThe Orville is a sci-fi comedy-drama masterminded by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, which debuted in the fall 2017 season alongside its drama counterpart and heavyweight franchise contender,┬áStar Trek: Discovery. Here is a trailer:

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