Nature Rejoices When The Biscuit Merchant Cometh

Welcome back, everyone. I didn’t want to do two music posts in a row because I didn’t want you to think that’s the only topic I’ll be covering here, but I have gotten my hands on a new album a couple weeks before release, and I wanted to share my thoughts with you about it. Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to introduce Nature Rejoices by The Biscuit Merchant:

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I Have Seen the Future, And It Is Funky

If it ever makes it out of its small corner of the Internet, future funk could become “the next big thing.”

Hello all! Welcome to the first official blog post of The Nerdy Millennial (tentative title), oooh how exciting. Let’s cut right to the chase:

If you’re like me, you try to give a little flow to the workday by listening to music while at work. Your source for workplace music may or may not be YouTube, and if so, maybe you noticed a recommended video or two depicting an anime character that looks like they’re from the Eighties or Nineties…something like this:

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Welcome to Nerd Revolt! (UPDATED)

Hey all, and welcome to my blog! Nerd Revolt is a pop culture and entertainment review blog, so I’ll be spending most of the time publishing reviews of movies, music albums, video games, maybe the odd comic or two, TV shows, and just about everything else that comes my way. I will also write critical analysis pieces, covering broader topics such as the evolution of genres over time or cultural history subjects.

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