Welcome to Nerd Revolt! (UPDATED)

Hey all, and welcome to my blog! Nerd Revolt is a pop culture and entertainment review blog, so I’ll be spending most of the time publishing reviews of movies, music albums, video games, maybe the odd comic or two, TV shows, and just about everything else that comes my way. I will also write critical analysis pieces, covering broader topics such as the evolution of genres over time or cultural history subjects.

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Stressed Out: The Millennial Generational Anthem

Not only a breakthrough hit for the band, twenty øne piløts’s 2015 hit single Stressed Out has the potential to become the Hey Jude of a generation.

Oh, those darn Millennials. They eat avocado toast, they destroy all our industries, and they won’t stop complaining about everything!

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2008: Remembering a Banner Year in Film

In a year where most of Hollywood was focused on escapism, 2008 was especially remarkable for its films that reflected the shifting tides of society in that year.

Hey folks, welcome back. Nerd Revolt is less than a year old, but it has seen some tumultuous times: protests all across the country, the Russia investigation, a potential Blue Wave, and more. But I can’t help remembering ten years ago, one of the most eventful years in our country’s history: the Great Recession, regarded as the worst global depression since the 1930s; the Iraq War entering its fifth year; and the 2008 election, which brought us Barack Obama, the first black president, and a moment promising Hope and Change.

That moment in history came with a bunch of movies, some that were critically-acclaimed and very successful, and others that were a little more obscure, that appeared to define the times. No, not define them – it articulated them. While much of Hollywood appeared to be set on escapism, such as with the first MCU movie Iron Man and with fantasy films like Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and Hellboy II, here is a list of films that examined our society head-on, and which will one day be recognized for indicating the changes that were coming. Click through to check it out.

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Good Times and Noodle Salad: Ten Great Movies About Writers and Writing

I want to do things a little differently today. As some of you may know, I have had a lifelong passion for writing, and spent much of my life trying to write novels – it’s part of why I chose this creative outlet, actually. It’s probably no coincidence then that I love movies that involve or revolve around the lives and work of writers. When someone truly understands what it’s like to love and struggle for (or with) writing, it translates really well onto the screen, so I thought I’d give a few recommendations of my own and then ask you all to share your own favorites. Click on to check them out.

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Adventure Time Has Gone On Its Last Journey to Distant Lands in “Come Along With Me”

After eight years, ten seasons, and nearly three hundred episodes, the legendary animated children’s fantasy series, Adventure Time, has come to a close. Come on, grab your friends as we say goodbye to one of the most intriguing and successful cartoons of our time. But before we do that, let’s take a closer look at the cultural phenomenon that is Adventure Time.

WARNING: In case it wasn’t obvious, MAJOR spoilers ahoy. But really, if you haven’t watched the series up until this point, why are you even reading this?

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Eminem’s Kamikaze Coming At You Out of Nowhere

Wait, what!? I’m back!? And so is Eminem unexpectedly, after he dropped this full-length album without warning, without any promotions or any advance notice, at midnight last night. Let’s check it out.

Warning: The language in the album or my review is not for kids – viewer discretion is advised. That means you, kids who figured out mom and dad’s parental lock.

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