Hello world and welcome to Nerd Revolt! Yes, I know, I suck at names. I will probably hold a contest someday for someone to come up with a better name.

I’m Zach. You may remember a blog I maintained once called Hopped on Pop, from around summer 2012 to summer 2015. If you don’t, well, this is going to be a pop culture and entertainment review blog just like that one. The focus will be less on entertainment news, like celebrities and such, and more on reviewing everything from music albums to video games. I also tend to write analytical pieces (which is probably kind of a charitable description, more like structured rants).

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Anyway, look for my posts about once a week, which will most likely be Fridays like on Hopped on Pop. Actually, while I’m at it, this would probably be a good time to give you an idea of what content here will be like:

  • Spoilers. Sometimes it’s just not possible to review or critique something in enough depth that readers get something out of it without spoiling something. I will try to avoid spoilers as much as I can (and flag them whenever necessary), but if I think it’s useful for discussion of a work or a genre or something, you might want to put on earmuffs or blindfolds or whatever.
  • Swearing. I will try to keep my content as family friendly as possible, but I make no promises. There will be swears. Oh yes, there will be swears (not that many, but I feel it’s fair to warn you).
  • Trope words. The Worf effect, diegetic musicManic Pixie Dream Girl, Tag-along kid…these phrases to me are just convenient shorthand for ideas I want to express, and I try to use them sparingly. But if any of these terms are unfamiliar to you, please refer to TVTropes.org. Be warned: that website is a black hole – hours of free time will disappear before you know what hit you!

Also, I am always looking for other writers to join me as contributors. Hopefully somebody who can help me pick out a better name. If you have an idea for a post and want it published here, please email me at thenerdymillennial564@gmail.com.

Welcome all! I hope you enjoy it.